What Is Multi-Channel Ecommerce?

What Is Multi-Channel Ecommerce?

Multichannel e-commerce refers to an online selling strategy that targets customers on different channels instead of relying on the website only. Online entrepreneurs can now target consumers on Facebook, eBay, Amazon, Google Shop, Pinterest, Shopzilla and many more online channels.

What are the advantages of using the Multi-channel E-commerce? 

  • Create a unified experience for all your customers

Multi-channel eCommerce helps you reach out to your buyers wherever they may be. The goodness is that you can interact with them on the various channels and offer a consistent experience for your customers notwithstanding the channel. When you use such a strategy, you can find out the challenges that your customers may be facing. You can then respond to the unique needs of your customers timeously which automatically boosts the customer service experience.

  • Increase customer base

Let’s face it; people shop differently. There are those who like to use the website to purchase. Others prefer shopping using their smartphones and tablets, while others prefer using a comparison like Google Shop, Amazon, eBay, etc. So when you provide your products on different e-commerce channels, it means that you have diversified your business and that you have empowered your customers to purchase from the sources they trust most.  The end result is an increase in customer base and loyalty which translates to an increase in sales.

  • Customize your offers

When you sale on different e-commerce channels, you quickly get to know your customers and the unique behavioral patterns, their buying patterns, etc. It becomes easy to target your customers on different channels with unique targeted offers. That way you can maximize your returns from each independent e-commerce channel.

  • Diversification of risk

They usually say that it’s not wise to put all your eggs in the same basket. Multi-channel eCommerce offers a solution to this business risk. Since you have customers on a different channel it means that even where an unexpected disastrous occurrence hits one channel, the other channels will be insulated. For instance, supposing your website goes down because of some reasons beyond your control, during that turbulent time, you do not lose entirely as the other channels will continue working. Also, your website customers can switch to mobile or social media and still find your business.

  • The best way to test new markets

Multi-channel e-commerce is an ideal for introducing and testing products on new markets. Selling marketplaces like Amazon can be an excellent way and low-risk way of testing a specific market.

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